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Video Branding Design


Utilising video media was an effective way to inform, educate and promote the product. Following are some examples of videos created for various social media platforms. As a hands-on designer and creative director, I not only start the creative process with hand-drawn storyboard sketches but also utilise Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator as part of my toolset to build videos from start to finish. 

A short-form 30 second video that provides a summary of the core product concept.

A long-form 5 minute video designed for the Kickstarter campaign to inform new users. The original storyboard design is shown below which includes a scripted outline. Click to see detail.

Video content also included the production of video series such as tutorials and project examples. I provided art and creative direction from storyboards and set design, to shooting, audio and editing.

A long-form 3 minute product promotion video used on social media platforms.

An informative 30 second video ad summarising the platform in 5 easy steps.

A 60 second video featuring unboxing and product setup.

Animated infographic illustrating the basic platform concept.

Various video ads in story, square and landscape format used on social media platforms.

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