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UI/UX Design


Quantum Integration is a collection of specifically engineered hardware designed to allow you to take your making skills and electronics projects to the next level. This IoT platform offers powerful software features that are easily applicable to scalable IoT applications and are designed for a broad audience from beginner electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts to expert engineers. Access to this free and easy-to-use cloud-based software is available when you purchase the Quantum Server or a Starter Bundle.


Users create their apps and firmware on desktop or laptop screens and then control their finished apps using the custom-built Quantum UI on their mobile devices.

The image below illustrates the user-flow and information architecture of the system, from login and boarding to server application. Click the image to see more detail.

Click the image below to see more detail on the UI design.


Take the next step to electronics making no matter what your skill level. Our products are unique because they are specifically engineered to be used in a variety of ways to further expand your software and hardware skills.

Icon-Gadget Guru.png

Gadget Guru

So you love having the newest gadgets. Use our versatile DIY Kits to build useful, or not so useful, gadgets

Icon-Electronics Hobbyist.png

Electronics Hobbyist

You’re a maker passionate about creating new things but don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of messy breadboards and jumper wires. Our products take the headaches out of getting your project up and running perfectly!

Icon-Smart Home Tinkerer.png

Smart Home Tinkerer

You’re a visionary and want tomorrow’s home today! Our products give you durable circuits for your newest smart home addition.

Icon-Bright Spark.png

Bright Spark

You’re experienced and passionate about electronics. Even with good coding knowledge you know the possible pitfalls of a project. With our versatile products you can expand your horizons and use them in a wide variety of projects.


Adobe XD was the tool of choice both in designing final mockups for developer handoff as well as efficiently communicating the user experience by utilising XD's robust prototyping capabilities.

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