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UI/UX Design


User experience and interface design of complete home technology integration (HTI), which includes audio, video, lighting, window shades, security and CCTV, climate control and more. Creating an intuitive experience whilst retaining consistency for different types of users occupying a private residence. Crestron VTPro and Core3Ui software were customised and implemented on Crestron TSW750 in-wall touch screen and iOS for mobile use.

UI on iPad and Crestron LED panel with UX examples below.

Early UI design for iPad

Home Technology Integration (HTI), utilising Crestron VTPro and Core3Ui to be used with the Crestron TSW750 in-wall touch screen and iPad2 for mobile use. A complete custom UI/UX design solution was created to fully integrate with proprietary Crestron VTPro and Core3UI software. Other devices include TPMC3X, TPS6X and TPMC15L.