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UI/UX Design


Arria's Natural Language Generation ad-in, available for all major business intelligence platforms, allows you to configure your parameters, and instantly add intelligent narratives for your visuals and its underlying data for unmatched data communication. The final application has been successfully developed for Power BI, Tableau, TIBC Spotfire, Qlik, Microstrategy, Excel, Sisence, and GoodData.

Close collaboration between data scientists and BI SME's informed UX/UI design decisions, resulting in a simple and user-friendly end product. The following examples were designed using Tableau as a starting point.

Improving BI dashboards for simpler and faster interpretation so users never have to try and distil the data’s story from graphs, charts and tables.

Design consistency was key in the UX/UI approach as well as responsive scaling across applications.

The following examples show Power BI integration.

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