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UI/UX Design


Arria NLG Studio transforms structured data into natural language. Through algorithms and modeling, it replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights—dynamically turning data into written or spoken narrative—at machine speed and on a massive scale. The ability to access key information in near real-time, communicated as if written by your company’s top analysts—at an NLG writing-speed—is truly astonishing.


UI/UX of a sophisticated NLG authoring platform and cloud app which enables data analysts to self-author detailed reports with actionable insights. The following image examples highlight some of the unique UX challenges facing the development team. We start with onboarding.


The Project Portal is where all the user's projects are stored and accessed from. Card and list based views make sorting easy and a sophisticated filtering system enables deep drill-down.

The examples below show various data importing screens, as well as settings.

The following set of screen designs show the process of Running a project after creation, and then finally the Publishing step.

The app required custom designed re-usable UI components such as buttons, tooltips, modals, contextual list elements and search functionality. Every design also needed to communicate clearly to stakeholders and team members.


I created this infographic using Adobe Illustrator to show the complex process behind Arria's unique Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology. Click the image below to see a larger version.

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